About- Statement


My work uses photography as a method of capturing time, to examine the idea of vacancy in everyday life. My pictures feature spaces which have been apparently affected by human presence but where that presence is now distinctly absent or unfelt.

I photograph landscapes, architecture, and people who are all vacant in the present: whether physically empty, devoid of a sense of spirit, or entirely disconnected from the moment. My current project spans Vancouver and Scotland, sharing a unified color scheme and similar subject matter to convey the sense of a void in the in the fabric of now.

My work thus far has used the medium of photography, both analogue and digital processes, which allow me to be flexible in when and how I capture a picture. My method is very consistent, lending the work its unity. Each project often consists of multiple pictures, arranged in a series which are grouped around specific subjects, themes and tones. I am influenced by various documentary photographers, by cinematic techniques influencing photography, and by my surroundings which I typically feel I am moving through too quickly and am driven to investigate.

Currently, I am a student in the Continuing Studies Certificate Program at Emily Carr University, and a member of the West End Photographic Society.